XAF Training

The eXpressApp Framework from DevExpress is absolutely amazing. However, the learning curve can be steep and the process can be frustrating if you don't have someone to talk to. We know this because we went through it. We started using XAF the day it was released and haven't looked back. Save yourself months of struggling and get a head start by scheduling a training course.

All training is provided remotely through screen sharing with audio (Normally Zoom).

While we try our best to customize the training to your needs, the training usually includes the following:


  • Project Setup and Overview
    • Creating your first project
    • Understanding the project layout
    • Where to place your code depending on needs


  • Creating Business Objects
    • XPO vs EF
    • Code vs Designers
    • Importing Existing Models


  • Creating Controllers
    • ViewControllers vs WindowControllers
    • Interacting with Views, Frames, and ObjectSpaces
    • Accessing View Items and Controls


  • Creating Actions
    • Simple Actions
    • Single Choice Actions
    • Popup Window Show Action
    • Parameterized Actions
    • Using the [Action] Attribute


  • Reviewing Features and Modules
    • Language / Localization
    • Model Differences
    • Conditional Appearance, View Variants, and other Modules

Free Online Training

We now offer the majority of our basic training for free in this new tutorial: Building a CRM using XAF

We suggest you watch this video as a starting point and then reach out to us for consulting.


We provide the expertise in designing and developing new systems. Our team of professionals can provide insight from a high level, all the way down to the nitty gritty coding issues.

  • System Design and Architecture
  • Managing your development team (in house or offshore)
  • Coding issues
  • Getting involved in your solutions

Custom Development

We specialize in re-writes and rapid development. If you are looking to save some money and get a great product to market, we are the team to do it. We normally utilize Windows Forms software and Desktop Web Applications due to their ease of use and productivity advantages. Talk to us about your project and start making your next version a reality.