Controller Management Module

This module allows you to quickly track down problematic controllers in your XAF solution. Add this module to your .Module project and start enabling and disabling controllers.


Download and reference the module directly in your solution.

  1. Download the module from the bottom of this article.
  2. Unzip the project to a directory.
  3. Right click on your solution in Visual Studio and click Add -> Existing Project…
  4. Locate the extracted folder and select the new project.
  5. Right click on your .Module project’s References folder and click Add Reference
  6. Under Projects, select the ControllerManagement.Module project and click Ok
  7. Build your solution
  8. Open your Module.cs file and drag the ControllerManagementModule to your Required Modules section (If you don’t see the ControllerManagementModule in your toolbox, try method 2)
  9. Build and run the application.

If you don’t see the ControllerManagementModule in your toolbox at this point, you can try adding the module directly in the Module.cs code:

public ProblemProjectModule() {





  • In your application, click the Show Controller Settings action.
  • Use one of the actions to disable or enable controllers to identify problems.
  • After enabling or disabling controllers, close and reopen the view where the issue is occurring.


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