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Controller Management Module

This module allows you to quickly track down problematic controllers in your XAF solution. Add this module to your .Module project and start enabling and disabling controllers.

Getting Started

  1. Install the LlamachantControllerManagement.Module from NuGet into your solution
  2. Include the ControllerManagementModule in the RequiredModuleTypes collection of your .Module project
  3. Enable the module by setting the ControllerSettingsWindowController.Enabled to true
  4. Run your application and click the Show Controller Settings action
  5. Enable / Disable any controllers you need and reopen your problematic view
					public sealed partial class TestApplicationModule : ModuleBase {
    public TestApplicationModule() 
        ControllerManagement.Module.Controllers.ControllerSettingsWindowController.Enabled = Debugger.IsAttached;
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