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Deleting of Non-Aggregate Items

When objects are linked through a non-aggregated collection (a.k.a. the collection does not have the [Aggregated] attribute), the ability to Unlink vs Delete is confusing to the end user. This model option removes the delete button from these list views, leaving only the unlink action behind. Aggregated collections will continue to have the delete button available.

It’s important to note that the non-aggregated objects can still be deleted by opening the detail view of the object and clicking the delete action – assuming they have rights to do so.

AllowDeleteNonAggregateObject(s) can be set application wide in the Model Options node or per List View.

In the examples below, you will notice that the Delete action is not visible as this option has been set to False in the model.

Model Settings

					Application -> Options -> AllowDeleteNonAggregateObjects
Application -> Views -> <ListView> -> AllowDeleteNonAggregateObject
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