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Audit Trail Viewing

Enable this option to view the audit trail from any Detail View. The View Audit Trail action becomes available within the Tools container and provides the user with a popup window with the full audit history. There are 3 settings to manage the visibility of the View Audit Trail action: None, All, UserSpecific. These options are available within the Options node of the Model file. If you want to make the Audit Trail action User Specific, implement the IAuditTrailUser interface on your custom user class.

Model Settings

					Application -> Options -> CanViewAuditTrail

IAuditTrailUser Interface

If you want more control over who can view and/or restore from the audit trail, implement the IAuditTrailUser on a custom user class. 

					 namespace LlamachantFramework.Module.Interfaces
 public interface IAuditTrailUser
        bool CanViewAuditTrail { get; }
        bool CanRestoreFromAuditTrail { get; }
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