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ActionLocalization Attribute

Similar to our Localization Attribute, the ActionLocalization attribute allows you to localize properties of an action within a controller.

					[LocalizedText("MyExceptionText", "I told you this doesn't do anything...")]
    public class ActionLocalizationSampleController : ViewController
        [ActionLocalization(Caption = "My Action Caption", ConfirmationMessage = "This button doesn't do anything. Do you want to continue?", ToolTip = "I'm boring!")] //Default Text
        [ActionLocalization(Caption = "Moja Etykieta Akcji", ConfirmationMessage = "Ten przycisk nic nie robi. Czy chcesz kontynuować?", ToolTip = "Jestem nudny!", Language = "pl-PL")] //Polish Localization
        [ActionLocalization(Caption = "Titulo de mi acción", ConfirmationMessage = "Este boton no hace nada. Desea continuar?", ToolTip = "Estoy aburrido!", Language = "es")] //Spanish Localization
        public SimpleAction MyAction { get; private set; }

        public ActionLocalizationSampleController()
            MyAction = new SimpleAction(this, nameof(MyAction), DevExpress.Persistent.Base.PredefinedCategory.Unspecified);
            MyAction.Execute += MyAction_Execute;

        private void MyAction_Execute(object sender, SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs e)
            throw new UserFriendlyException(this.GetLocalizedText("MyExceptionText"));
Automatically Updated Localization Values
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